Choose How to Build, Maintain, and Market Your Site

Your Site, Your Choice

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You Choose How Your Site is Built

We collaborate with you by defining the goals you want to achieve with the website, outlining the functionality and features you want to use, and who your target audience is. Once these have been established and approved, we will build out a demo of your site within a day! No payment needed, if you don't like it, you don't buy it.

You Choose How Your Site Looks

You have full control over the design elements of how your website looks. We work with you on the branding and overall design aesthetic, and you provide the feedback to us on design choices, content presentation, and other key aspects.

You Choose How Your Site is Maintained

You choose whether to:

  1. Maintain the site yourself
  2. Assign a trusted webmaster to use the editor
  3. Or keep us on as the webmaster of your site, for a small fee

You Choose the Services that You Need and/or Want

With ten different service levels, you will find a service plan that provides all of the features you need or want. Whether it's simply keeping a subscription to the website editor, phone and screenshare support, email at your domain, or social media engagement, we have a plan that is sure to include what you're looking for.

You Choose the Support Type (Plan) that You Need and/or Want

Our system comes with free video tutorials and a support ticket system, but we also can provide UNLIMITED phone support from the USA 24/7 and screenshare support on higher service levels.

You Choose the Functions You Want Your Site to Have

What is the goal of your website? It can be:

  1. Informational
  2. Entertainment
  3. Lead generation

We can also provide:

  • Custom script development and integration
  • Third-party program implementation

You Choose How You Pay for Your Site and Services

We try to make it as easy as we can for you to pay for your website development and service level. We accept all cards for both monthly and annual service plans, and paper checks for annual service plans.

You Choose Your Site's Hosting Place

Although you can leave site hosting in our hands, you can also choose where your domain is hosted and we will work with you on connecting the site to the domain at your hosting provider.

Vital Features of ALL the Sites that We Build

ALL of Our Sites Come With ...

You Own Your Site's Copyright

You own your website and all of the content within. The underhanded tactic that other companies may use (by owning the content that you provide them) is not employed by us. Anything that goes on the website is entirely yours.

ALL of our Sites are 100% Mobile Responsive

In today's digital landscape, the importance of a mobile responsive website cannot be overstated. With the widespread use of smartphones and tablets, more people access the internet from mobile devices than ever before. As mobile devices become the primary means of accessing the internet, websites that aren't mobile responsive risk losing a significant portion of potential visitors. If users find it difficult to navigate or read your site on their mobile devices, they are more likely to leave without ever engaging with your content.

Free Support via our Own Ticket System

Every user has free access to support via our built-in ticket system. Our ticket system captures all communication in one place, preventing messages from getting lost in different communication channels and enabling us to respond promptly.

Step by Step Video Tutorials

Our video tutorials are free to every user and will familiarize you with our system and functions. They are easy to access all throughout the editor.

It is So EASY!

EASY to Add Social Media Connections

Social media is easy to connect with our platform, whether you are looking for simple button icons or embedded feeds.

EASY to Embed Videos

Embedding videos to your website is as simple as a few clicks with YouTube integration, or our Media Management on higher service levels where you can upload directly to your website.

EASY to Create Forms

Online forms have never been easier with our form elements. Everything that is needed for a form to function is pulled in automatically and you can customize the fields to suit your needs.

EASY to Get Support

With our built-in ticket system, free video tutorials, and unlimited USA-based phone support (on higher service levels), it is super easy to get the help you need when making edits to your site.

EASY to Fire Us?

Easy to fire us? Yes, if you ever decide to switch service providers, we work with you and your new provider to make that change as smooth as possible. Your website can be downloaded in a local ZIP folder with a click of a button and we provide all transfer auth codes upon request.

Choose How to Build Maintain and Market Your Site

Choose How to Build Maintain and Market Your Site
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