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Website Services for churches of Christ

DIY Websites?

One of the services that we provide is our website building tool, which is free for you to use.

  1. You may build and PUBLISH your site to our development server so you can see how it will look to you and others on the world wide web.
  2. Search engines are disallowed to index content that is on our development server.  Only you will be able to view your site in development, unless you share the unique URL with others or they open using the Best Way Website public facing page using your site ID.
  3. If you decide to publish your website so it is visible with your domain name (call us if you need help with this), you will need to purchase a subscription from us (starts at just $15/mo or $165/yr).

Do you want to DIY? (Do It Yourself)

You may create an account for free and build your church website for free. 

  • Register for your FREE account and use our Website Builder to construct your website. 
  • We provide video tutorials and you have clear instructions. 
  • Read and follow the instructions to build your pages and content for your site.
  • Register FREE Now!

All our Sites are Theme Driven

Don't worry so much over the DESIGN ELEMENTS; instead focus on your content. 

  • We can help you with the theme selection, which will provide the "look and feel" of your site. 
  • All of your content will FLOW perfectly within whatever theme you choose!
  • Themes may be adjusted or changed at any time.
  • We can help you make your site look like anything you want: images, art, colors ...
  • See Our Themes

Professionally Built Websites

Talk to us and let us know what you need and tell us your budget and we'll create a free, custom website demonstration for your local church.  You may decide if you want to buy it AFTER you see it.  We won't ask for a credit card and we won't send you a bill.

Subscription to CMS

What we value is our easy-to-use content management system

When you are ready to publish your website to your domain, the cost is as low as $15/mo or $165/yr, which includes:

  • UNLIMITED ACCESS to our content management system
  • 1 free domain
  • an unlimited hosting account
  • support via videos, user guide and ticket system
  • Phone support plans are available as well, discuss this with us

Other plans are available with more services as well.

If you are a member of the church of Christ, you are welcome to register for a free account for your local church by pressing on the button below.

Get a Free Best Way Websites Account!

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